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India: The Business Opportunity

RRP $321.99

As India begins its second generation reforms and further opens up its economy and integrates it with the rest of the world, it has changed and overhauled many of its laws and regulations. For any foreign investor planning to invest in India either in partnership with an existing Indian corporation or business or on its own, it is important to be aware of and have the information of the legal and regulatory framework that will govern its entry into India and how it will be governed while doing business in India. This book broadly covers almost all the legal and regulatory aspects that a foreign investor expects to face in its journey into India and its stay here. The book has been divided into eighteen chapters and covers the legal and regulatory aspects of the following: An overview of India, entry strategies and foreign investment regulations, a note on responsible business, reputation risk management, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, debt financing, corporate governance, labour and employment, intellectual property, competition and unfair trade practices, infrastructure, direct taxation, indirect taxation including a note on the proposed unified goods and services tax which will subsume all current indirect taxes and levies, arbitration, environment, cyber framework and a final chapter on India as the choice to do business in. All these chapters have been authored by experts in their respective fields and they are managing partners, partners or heads of divisions in their respective firms and organisations based out of India and abroad.

Crisis And Opportunity In A Changing Japan

RRP $256.99

With the bursting of the econmic bubble in the early 1990's Japan's public and private sectors have undergone dramatic change. William Farrell analyzes the economic superpower's turmoil in the political, bureaucratic and business arenas and offers a candid look at opportunities and strategies now open to U.S. business in Japan. A practical compendium of useful and up-to-date information, this book cuts through the stereotypical fog and is a valuable resource for business people, policy makers, and academics. Despite the recent economic crisis, Japan still accounts for two-thirds of the entire Asian economy. However, in 1998, unemployment reached an historic high, the stock market plummeted, financial institutions were failing, and bankruptcies were a daily occurrence. William Farrell analyzes the discord in the political, bureaucratic, and business arenas and offers a candid look at opportunities and strategies now open to U.S. business. This timely book allows the reader to comprehend and act upon these public and private sector changes taking place in one of the world's largest economies. Former Vice President of the United States and Ambassador to Japan, Walter F. Mondale, provides a foreword. The book also includes a comprehensive chronology of key events from 1994 through to the present. The connections between Japanese business and government are shown in graphic form. The recent history of the Japanese economy is revealed with a fascinating look at the inner working of the nation's most influential organizations. Additionally, U.S. and Japanese leadership and decision-making styles are compared, and the myth of a never-changing Japan is challenged. After reviewing and analyzing these key issues, the concluding chapter discusses how one becomes a participant in the process and identifies emerging opportunities. As a practical resource of useful and current information, this book cuts through false predictions of doom and demystifies the complexity of the Japanese bureaucracy.

Marketing Your Business

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Examine essential marketing disciplines and weapons This essential book will show you how to design a strategic marketing plan for any brand, product, service, or business It explains all of the major marketing disciplines and familiarizes you with the marketing "weapons arsenal." It also teaches you to conduct a marketing audit, provides helpful sample worksheets and forms and includes case examples, a glossary of marketing terms, and appendixes discussing sources of "marketing intelligence" and professional marketing associations.This single volume provides a step-by-step process (with short, clear examples) of how to develop a custom plan to fit any business. In addition, it defines all of the business terms you'll find inside and lists additional resources to draw upon. With Marketing Your Business: A Guide to Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan, you will explore: the process of selecting the right strategy by defining your business strategy, assessing the most relevant focal points, and choosing the marketing strategy that will work best for you the arsenal of current marketing weaponry--advertising, budgeting, promotions, pricing, sales, database marketing, public relations, packaging, legal issues, and more the nature of strategic marketing plans-competitive and environmental assessments, mission statements, slogans, budgeting, goals and objectives, etc. key checklists and 13 sample work forms that will help you formulate your plan and much more Ideal for use by educators and students as well as businesspeople, Marketing Your Business brings together everything you need to know to develop an effective strategic marketing plan and put it into action

A Missed Opportunity

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This inspiring short story looks at the mistakes of a young working father and the consequences that his neglect brings on his family. The story focuses on the son of the father that is now a young man looking at making himself a name 3000 miles from home. His mother's desire to make sure her son does not make the same mistakes as his father. The father's alienation, rejection, and separation from his family for years never quenches his desire to make things right. And his one final attempt to reconnect with his son ends tragically short.


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Home Based Home Worker Home Business Income Opportunity
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Home Based Home Worker Home Business Income Opportunity
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