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Case-based Geriatrics A Global Approach

RRP $225.00

A full-color case-based guide to the principles and clinical aspects of geriatric care 4 STAR DOODY'S REVIEW! "It is intended as a case-based textbook of geriatrics that also integrates the complexities of geriatric medicine into a meaningful whole. These are excellent objectives, all met in a wonderful way. This book stands out from other textbooks of geriatric medicine...This is a brilliant addition to the literature of geriatric medicine. Some topics are covered in different ways, but this is never repetitious, rather more like looking at a gem from different angles. The evidence-based, case-based, pre-test, post-test format makes this an ideal book from which to learn. The breadth and depth are stunning. The editing and format would be enough to highly recommend this book, but the beautiful use of color on every page, permitting lavish illustrations, tables, figures, and examples of tests, makes this at the same time a brilliant exposition of the true nature of geriatric medicine, and a work of art as well. Run, do not walk, to see it!" --Doody's Review Service Case-Based Geriatrics utilizes a case-and-evidence-based approach to help you understand the key principles and clinical points of geriatric medicine and healthcare. Written to reflect the field's growing trend toward interdisciplinary collaboration, the book is of value not only to physicians, but to the entire health team involved in the care of the elderly. This unique text is constructed around case presentations, which are used as the primary teaching tool. These cases reflect issues and principles of geriatrics that are encountered and practiced worldwide. You will learn how cultural characteristics of both patients and providers have added new layers of complications to this already challenging field - and how they can be recognized and overcome. Each case is directly linked to the learning objectives found in each chapter. Review questions appear at the beginning and end of each chapter to test your understanding. Case-Based Geriatrics is divided into three sections: Issues in Aging -- features foundational chapters covering essential topics such as biology of aging, worldwide demographics, the geriatric physical exam, sensory changes in aging, and approaches to laboratory testing and imaging in aging Inter-professional Geriatrics -- provides an overview of multi-professional team care and covers important topics such as pre -and-post operative care, discharge planning and transitional care, end-of-life care, home care, and long-term care Geriatric Syndromes and Important Issues -- covers common disorders such as delirium, dementia, depression, stroke, hypertension, osteoporosis, and more

Implementing Outcome-based Home Care

RRP $256.99

Includes a FREE CD-ROM of customizable forms for personalized, individual use by home health agencies! This unique workbook provides homecare managers, leadership staff, senior clinicians and administrators with the tools necessary to implement outcome-based patient care using OASIS outcomes, OBQI, care pathways, and disease management.  Readers will be able to easily integrate outcomes into the organization's marketing initiatives, financial-based decisions, and staff competency assessment and performance appraisals.  the text helps providers to simplify and manage their total OBQI program and other outcome initiatives and is the first and only resource to present the subject matter of OBQI, care pathways and disease management in a single, active, adult learning format.  This is also the only resource that guides the integration of OASIS outcomes into these two methods of outcome-based patient care. A fantastic resource for determining home health outcomes!  

Home-based Care For A New Century

RRP $283.99

With expansion, the home-care market is becoming more diverse and more competitive. For-profit agencies are multiplying. Nursing homes and hospital systems are moving beyond their institutional walls to provide an array of home- and community-based services. Managed care organizations are enrolling record numbers of individuals and families. They and other third-party payers are aggressively shopping among home-care providers, seeking better value for money. The articles that comprise this book, commissioned by the Milbank Memorial Fund and the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, address these issues.

Cooking Chinese Takeout Food At Home

RRP $18.99

Have you ever eaten takeaway food from a Chinese Takeaway and wondered if it was possible to make it at home in the comfort of your own kitchen?. Well the good news is that it is easily possible with just a few ingredients to completely replicate any authentic Chinese Takeaway dish. This book contains recipes directly from Chinese Takeouts and is a fascinating and useful book to recreate the perfect takeout meal at home.

Gaming For Classroom-based Learning

RRP $549.99

In order to effectively use games in the classroom, teachers and parents need to agree on games' positive functions toward students' learning, decide and select good educational games relevant to content and tasks in the classroom, and disseminate their acquired knowledge into the teaching field. As part of an international dialogue between researchers in educational technology, Gaming for Classroom-Based Learning: Digital Role Playing as a Motivator of Study investigates whether games can motivate students to learn and improve their knowledge and skills. This collection of research aims to inform classroom and pre-service teachers of the potential of games for improving teaching and learning.


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Home Based Home Worker Home Business Income Opportunity
Small Business Home Website Start Business Business Opportunity

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Home Based Home Worker Home Business Income Opportunity
Small Business Home Website Start Business Business Opportunity

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