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The Psychology Of Becoming A Successful Worker

RRP $302.99

What is success at work and why is it important? How do top workers describe their success? How can work, community, leadership, family, or home and school promote success?

Success at work is often associated with career-oriented individuals who sacrifice other areas of life to achieve highly in the workplace, but success can also be defined in other ways. It can consist of feelings of knowledge, competence and accomplishment, stemming from an inner drive to work well and create an expression of mastery. This book focuses on employees who have been rewarded for their skills and expertise.

Based on the authors' in-depth research into the phenomenon of success at work, this book provides a positive human-strength based approach to success and offers a fresh viewpoint to the modern, demanding and hectic work life. Drawing from the theory of positive psychology and outlining new theoretical ideas including work motivation, career orientation, work characteristics, and positive states of work, success is described as a combination of multiple elements which include other areas of life. The book is illustrated throughout with case studies from employees, and it will ignite thoughts about what success at work is and can be, and how to recognize factors which enhance or hinder success in varying contexts.

Considering a variety of data, this book will appeal to researchers and academics from the fields of work and organisational psychology, positive psychology, career counselling and coaching.

Sharing Life With Another A Memoir Of A Social Worker

RRP $28.55

Sharing Life with Another is about the compassion, care and loss experienced when being with others during their end stages of life. The nine stories in this book follow a social worker who finds himself on a journey helping others, including both his parents, as they move toward death. Each story offers an insightful and touching account of how Sh?mal entered into circumstances where he was the one present to offer words and actions to comfort the person dying. These stories offer help to anyone who may be confronted with death and have to dive into their soul as they assist a person through the process. We learn that at times it is about knowing when to reach for the right words to share with another. Then there are moments when we need the sensitivity simply to be present, holding the space for the other. Many people are now on spiritual paths where the fear of dying is no longer kept hidden, but rather acknowledged and grappled with. These stories also offer wisdom and guidance for each of us as we prepare for our own transition from this life. The author has no clue why the work of helping dying people came into his life. After reading the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying he was hired as the Director of Social Services in a nursing home. There he felt pulled to be with many as they neared death.

The Workers Guide To A Tidy Work Space

RRP $16.99

Another uprising is happening at this moment, one that looks set to change how we see ourselves and the things around us. This new, imperative change is the demonstration of control. Clearing and dealing with your home can be a stunning undertaking on account of excess muddle. This is especially legitimate if you are not practicing balance. This book plans to help you clean your home and show you about moderate affiliation at the same time. This book contains different tips, frameworks, and methods to help you clean your home and keep it that way unequivocally. We will encounter each room of your home and supplying you with endeavored and attempted moderate progressive systems.

Home Gardener's Wildlife Gardens

RRP $14.99

One of the special joys of having outdoor space is the wildlife it attracts-and this Specialist volume helps gardeners turn their little plot of land into an animal-friendly haven. Concise and easy to use, It gives expert advice on planning and planting to create an ideal environment for birds, butterflies, reptiles, and mammals-a place where these wild creatures will find everything they need to survive and thrive. There's pond-building guidance, instructions for assembling and siting nesting boxes and feeders, ideas for both town and country gardens, and advice on making the area pet- and child-safe.

Worker Wellbeing In A Changing Labor Market

RRP $373.99

How do workers fare in a continually changing labor market? This volume contains fifteen original scientific papers each examining how socio-economic changes affect worker wellbeing. Among the findings are: most increases in female labor force participation occur among women with high husbands' earnings, dispelling the myth that shrinking husbands' relative earnings cause women's work activities to rise; increased globalization equalizes pay between but expands pay within corporate establishments; high quality colleges widen the earnings distribution for top earners but only negligibly affect earnings for low wage earners; mathematical success depends on school quality more so than verbal learning; and adult daughters who visit ailing parents daily in a nursing home decrease their annual labor supply by about 1,000 hours implying a welfare loss of 180,000 dollars. Findings are: physical and/or sexual abuse appear to afflict over 30 per cent of the population leading to a 15 per cent drop in employment probability and a 32 per cent loss in wages; and, training workers in an entirely new occupation raises an employee's wage growth while training workers in the same occupation decreases their wage growth, at least during the Russian economy's recent transition.


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Home Based Home Worker Home Business Income Opportunity
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Home Based Home Worker Home Business Income Opportunity
Small Business Home Website Start Business Business Opportunity

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