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Green Business Guide

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Climate change. Energy security. Water shortages. These perils affect our world and, increasingly, the ability of businesses to operate profitably. In the face of soaring energy prices and decreasing inventories of natural resources, larger businesses are taking steps to control their costs. In addition, these businesses are implementing environmentally friendly practices in order to manage risks, appeal to a growing base of consumers who make planet-friendly purchasing decisions, meet green procurement standards of business customers, enhance their image and attract value-driven talent. Combined, these components create a competitive advantage. The benefits of environmentally friendly practices are, also, available to smaller organisations. THE GREEN BUSINESS GUIDE is a comprehensive resource designed to help organisations incorporate green practices into their operations. Its content blends strategic conversation at the board level with green planning and programme management at the middle-level, with how-to direction that spells out actions at the shop level. This book will give you the guidance your organisation needs in order to: * Understand the environmental factors that are influencing businesses ability to operate profitably * Evaluate the benefits of going green * Develop a plan for transforming your organisation into a green business * Identify specific actions to reduce energy use, water use, control packaging waste and use resources efficiently * Communicate and report on your environmental successes THE GREEN BUSINESS GUIDE, also, contains dozens of user-friendly checklists for every facet of making a business more environmentally friendly. By following the guidance contained in this book, organisations will position themselves as leaders in the marketplace, in their industry and in the communities in which they operate. Business is recognising the importance of being a responsible corporate citizen - not only to avoid negative publicity and brand erosion, but, also, to enjoy benefits that translate directly to the bottom line.

Doing Business In Mexico

RRP $272.99

Learn what you need to know to conduct successful business in Mexico This book is a primer on all aspects of doing business in Mexico, with practical examples that illustrate the risks and benefits of Mexican business operations. It provides the basic knowledge that all prospective investors and entrepreneurs in Mexico need, especially in the light of NAFTA. One of the authors is the former CEO and chairman of a multinational, multi-billion dollar company headquartered in Mexico City; the other is a CPA and consultant with small-to-medium-sized firms. Doing Business in Mexico: A Practical Guide provides you with comprehensive, basic knowledge of the pros and cons of establishing a business in Mexico, NAFTA and its implications for businesses, and much more.This single volume gives you what you need to know about: the maquila industry--what it is and how NAFTA affects it information about taxes, labor law, and accounting differences between Mexico and the United States basic considerations in beginning a Mexican operation import/export requirements foreign currency exposure United States tax laws applicable to citizens living abroad. . . and includes five appendixes that supply you with: contact information--addresses, telephone numbers, Web sites--of useful government agencies and journals/periodicals in Mexico and Mexican consulates in the United States Spanish-English and English-Spanish business glossaries examples of Mexican financial statements minimum daily wage rates for various occupationsDoing Business in Mexico: A Practical Guide is a must for anyone with an interest in business operations in that country. If you are such a person, this is the one essential volume you cannot afford to miss Visit the author's Web page at http: //www.gusgordon.com

Small Business Planning

RRP $13.99

How many times have you heard or read that you must write a Business Plan for your new business? This is a myth, because a formal Business Plan-as discussed in all forms of the media-is rarely required of any small business.There is a vast difference between business planning and writing a Business Plan, and Foster's book not only explains that difference, but shows the reader why ongoing planning is necessary, and how to best approach the entire planning process.With this book you will be able to:

  • Understand the vital importance of business planning.
  • Learn why you should NOT write a "Business Plan".
  • Demystify how best to share your planning.
  • Learn about the best approach to investors.
  • Gain an understanding of "planning" vs. a "Business Plan."
All of this is from the entrepreneur's point of view-not from an investor's, business guru's, or academic's lofty views. This book is one of Foster's Small Business Primer Series, where a "Primer" is defined as any book of elementary principles.

Minimalism - Living In A Small And Clutter-free Environment

RRP $16.99

Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1: Own Less, Live Best Intentionality for Minimalist Lifestyle Chapter 2: Benefits of Minimalism Chapter 3: Getting Your Life Back Becoming a Minimalist Other Ways to Maximize Life Minimalism in Homes Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction Minimalism is a way of living that cuts the gluttony surrounding our world. It is the exact opposite of what we see in ads, what we hear on the radio, or what commercials air on TV. It contrasts what our society has etched on our minds regarding the claimed importance of accumulating stuff. It tells us to dismiss ourselves from consumerism, instead of priding ourselves for all our material possessions, the clutters in our environment, the skyrocketing debts, and an abundance of infinite distractions. People are joining the craze of the material world and we are left with a meaningless one. People are crazy over lots of stuff, with closets full of clothes, racks full of shoes, garages stacked with useless gears, basements cluttered with boxes of what seems like hoarding of old items. They are living the typical life: working hard to make good money, spend a great chunk on it to pay for mortgage, buy fancy clothes, and keep up with friends who have luxury cars, or get a hand of cool technology which are seen as bragging rights. It is hard to see and realize that we do not need any of these, and that life is more meaningful when there are no people to impress, that we do not have to spend so much on stuff we don't need just to make us happy, and that a rise in pay wouldn't necessarily mean a rise in cost of living. It takes a turning point to make people aware that they are losing themselves over their material possessions. And this point could be achieved by the continuous effort of dissenters who encourage a simpler, less materialist life. Living a minimalist lifestyle means throwing out what you do not need and focus only on those that you need. We only need little to survive while still living happily. We only need the small things to keep content in our hearts. The stuff that surround us are only depictions of materialism, and the society telling us that we have to consume more of it is just a way of luring us into consumerism. These things do not matter and do not account for our own happiness.

How To Build A Frozen Yogurt Shop Business

RRP $18.99

In clear, easy-to-grasp language, the author covers many of the topics that you will need to know in order to launch and run a successful business venture.


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